Setting the decoration of a restaurant is no different than the task of decorating a house or a business place, it is actually a blend of both things as here we are dealing with two different matters all at once: business and an human need, eating. Though people are leaving home to eat somewhere else, doesn’t mean the act of feeding yourself is not something intimate. It requires ambiance and a comfortable atmosphere, otherwise everybody would be happy to eat in a crowded, noisy fast food chain with kids screaming around and a dull decoration surrounding your table.

Primarily, we must not forget it is a business, so you want the decoration to set a signature that will match the customers impression about the brand. Warm colors are always overly used as they flourish primal instincts, like reddish tones, but you must not forget the unique concept your restaurant is offering. Lite, healthy focused menus will benefit from more vibrant colors in opposition to warm ones, like yellowish tones and more cheering tones of blue. It also must be taken into account the fact the plates and the food itself have a strong aesthetic value that should not be forgotten, so you will not want to offer traditional, home alike meals surrounded by a high-tech set of decoration. Metals and minimalism fit much more concepts of heavy menus, involving red meats and other kinds of foods that are really fulfilling. A colder and more simple exterior will work as a more neutral stimulation.

The ambient should not overwhelm the senses when the body is already busy feeling the strong tastes and digesting the meal. That’s why you see lots of top notch steakhouse restaurants in LA with more modern sets because the weather is already hot, the food fulfilling so the eyes must be cherished with something to neutralize the equation. Woods in this context match much more colder plates, like sea food and vegan plates. No wonder you see many woody, cozy restaurants facing the sea in beach cities, not because wood is a classical material for the sea, but it is warm and comforting, as well as quite organic, matching the aesthetic of this kind of raw cooked plates. The use of space is also something you will for sure have to pay attention.

Even quite crowded restaurants knows how to offer an intimate experience setting tables strategically far away from one each other, not too close so you can hear what others are eating as well as not too far giving the impression you are in a desolate place. Once again, it always must follow the concept you want to offer as the ritual of eating is quite subjective and you can provide many different experiences for different customers.